• Tortellini of Bologna
  • Tortellini of Bologna
  • Tortellini of Bologna
  • Tortellini of Bologna

Tortellini of Bologna stuffed with meat

and handmade dried at time of order.

Tortellini of Bologna

Ingredients for tortellini of Bologna: pasta dough and eggs
Stuffing: Pork, prosciutto, mortadella, parmesan cheese, eggs, salt, nutmeg

Important: always cook tortellini with broth even if you wish to eat them with a different sauce of your choice.
Conservation Tips: if not cooking the tortellini and broth immediately they should be stored in the freezer up to a month.
Instructions: to prepare a delicious tortellini recipe:

  1. prepare the broth in a large pot and bring to a boil;
  2. add the frozen Tortellini to boiling broth;
  3. turn off the flame after 3 minutes and give another 3 more minutes in the broth to make sure the tortellini are done and drain gently.


Note: fresh hand-made tortellini are subjected to natural weight loss

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1 Kg. of tortellini of Bologna


Free gift: 1 pack of 12 dice for a delicious meat broth
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weight: 3kg
dimensions: 39 cm x 26 cm x 24 cm

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Ideal for eight, suitable for a culinary cultural atmosphere.

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